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Major: Audio Engineering

My name is Jon Holley and I am currently being mentored through the program at Writer\'s Room studio in Atlanta.  I have some music experience. I played in worship bands at church for years and a few other bands over the past 8 years.  I play guitar, bass, and I sing as well.  I am looking to pursue a career in aiding others in bringing their songs to life in the audio engineering field.  I also play in an alternative rock band called Same Strange Day and we just recorded our first EP and it is currently streaming on Soundcloud.  I cant wait to see what this program will bring down the road.

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Jon Holley

Chapter 19Posted by Jon Holley on 2018-09-13

Now mastering is something completely different when it comes to the production process.  A mastering engineer spends time adjusting certain levels and volumes on tracks in order to make the album flow more smoothly... Read More >>