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Life is a trip, this is a saying i use from time to time. I have been blessed with the opportunity to experience the hightest of highest and lowest of lows. My name is Jonathan Hydock and was born May 23 1987 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Twenty-six years of livin the dream making music and making history in a different way everyday. In so many ways music has molded who i have become  and is not just someting i do but has become an outcome of my life story. Life is a trip i remember sayin that after graduating basic training in 2007, becoming an infantry soldier for the U.S Army being told by doctors,family and friends that i would not do it, The taste of success and triumph of overcoming odds and obstacles can be very rewarding but can come at a great cost, I have been medically retired for three years now due too 15 months of combat being in Iraq that long did one thing for me it confirmed my belief in the power of music in how it transcends language, race, and religion and has motivated me to never give up on the calling God has given me. Through every aspect of  music I believe change is possible for every challenge we face as people. i love the power of a small jam session with fellow musicians, and the beauty of performing live to the masses with a message of hope, faith and persevernce because like i said life is a trip and we all need encouragement ive been in the depths of despair and hurt physically, mentally and spiritually so i feel that i owe it to every artist that inspired me to fight on and fight through whtever life throws at me. A jack of all trades and master of none is a motto that i have lived by for quite a while and am looking foward to change that by learning how to master mixing and mastering the music i make and for those i get the chace to work for. There is so much more i would to tell the world about myself but for know i hope this is enough to keep interested in what is to come  because life is a trip and you know whats next          


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