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Wow Stil Here Posted on 2016-10-27 by Jonathan Hydock

              Mr Winbush Is Da Man, I have been through some extreme circumstaces through the last three years. I started this six month program 3 years ago and i can not express the relief i feel to be back at Dadds Productions. My Mentor from the beggining was so supportive in my musical endavors and attempt to become a massteR of my craft letting me be apart of sessions setting up music festivals and even to movie sets like Midnight Rider as i was progressing in my learning many many trials came inbetween me and the studio literally crippling me Mr Winbush was always an encouragement to me to rehabilitate wich brings us to today i have done my first session which was more of just a reintroduction and going over chapter 15 we opened up  my mixing assignment and started back from the top with setting up track volume placement and organizing tracks and faders being able to learn by sight and example from a true pro is invaluble to me, im definitly not the best from book learning.  That was the most amazing crashcourse of humilty and excitement just seeing what exprience does to a man and how they go about there craft and the chance to watch and learn how wrong i have been doing things and the attention to detail needed to be a professional engineer. we accomplished alot but ther was alot of cathing up i had to do Mr winbush gave me assingments to work and finish. He let me come back for another two hours and go straight to work on the assignment im so excited to be back at a consistant level and i thank Jesus for a chance to finish what i started. 

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