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music, pain, and the love inbtween. Posted on 2014-11-16 by Jonathan Hydock

     Now ii has been about 3 months from my last post it has been a long journey back to this blog which means so much to me. I had to have my twenty-third surgery which is one thing you would think you would get use to but it is always a struggle. which is probably the reason i feel so connected to music its something that transcends ability. and wile laying in bed recovering i was able to rejuvenate my love of goin to the studio and learning from a true legend my first week back Mr. winbush and I were finally able to get in to the meat and potatoes of being in engineer via the mixing assignments through The RRFC and being walked through all of the professional ways  of beginning a mix spending about two hours just on the baas drum and snare moslty due all of the questions i have about every aspect about the protools system but how it relates in every application of being a sound engineer. Thankfully every i have is illustrted and andswered in a way i can actually comrrehend.  I can not put in to words how excited i am in finishing stronger than i started to being the best sound engineer i can be 

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