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Major: Engineering/ Production

Kiara Nasaya, an Atlanta native and a lover of music since the age of first words and baby steps. Ranging in experience from playing intruments, to recording albums, and co-owning a studio at the age of nineteen, Nasaya is now rewriting the story. Recently getting into engineering and production, as well as mixing and mastering, RRF is now the catalyst for success and all things new in this venture of things to come.


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Kiara Mitchell

Avalon, Patches, and wires....oh my!!!Posted by Kiara Mitchell on 2014-10-02

Greetings and salutations,   FInally getting to the fun stuff!!! Lol...not to say that outlines and chapter quizzes aren't all the rave, but actually troubleshooting live sessions is a rush! I'm still soaking in all the components of the patch bay, but I'm a perfectionist, so until I understand it seemlessly my quest for greatness continues... Read More >>