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Major: Audio Engineering/Production



Charles Reed Kirkpatrick

"Chuk-T aka Charlie Trouble" 


Charles learned so much Engineering with Kevin Butler(GUITAR PLAYER FOR THE BLACK BOOKS/HEAD ENGINEER OF ORB RECORDING STUDIOS) and Matt Noveskey(BASS PLAYER FOR BLUE OCTOBER/OWNER OF ORB RECORDING STUDIOS) at Test Tube Audio. Charles also learned a great deal about Broadcasting and production team work with Reelsound Recording Co broadcasting the Bud Light stage venue of ACL 2012 Which included (THE ROOTS, NEIL YOUNG, THE BLACK KEYS, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE, IGGY POP AND THE STOOGES AND MANY MORE). Charles gained the skill to get the best possible sound through a microphone. His educational background has given him a solid understanding of Audio Engineering, Development, Management, and Promotion. Charles' on-the-job training gave him the opportunity to learn “real world scenarios” from “seasoned professionals.Thanks to his Outstanding Mentor and excellent education, Charles had a 4.0GPA and is professionally trained in Pro-Tools HD 10, Logic Pro 9, Final Cut Pro, Adobe, and plug-ins. A fluency in Acoustics, Microphone Placement, Microphone evaluation, Cabs, Amps, Tube Pre’s, Compressors, EQ, patch-bay, and signal flow has proven invaluable. Making music has alway been in Charles' blood regardless of the instrument. It will be that way forever.


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