Aaron DelrieBaton Rouge Recording Connection

Major: Audio Engineer

I grew up in the metropolis of Ball, LA. Nice little town, very peaceful. Glad to be i the city now though. Was never a country kid. I love the sound of the city, makes me feel more at peace than anything. So much life and things going on.

I'm 20 years old and I look forward to the next 20, should be intersting.

I love music, always have. My family made it an integral part of my life. (Dad plays bass guitar and sings, Uncle plays guitar, harmonica, drums and sings, my mother sings as well).

I took advantage of this at a young age, I would always play with my father and his band any chance I got. I got my first guitar at age 10, and I haven't looked back. I am also well practiced with piano, I am going on 12 years of playing that. And I love to sing and perform, it makes me feel good to get out a few good songs with the people I care about. There's nothing like a good concert.

There is only one thing that I haven't really been able to do, and that is make music. Not just get together with buddies and jam, but really sit down and mess with sounds and make something sound just the way you want it. Having control over music would be perfect for me as a songwriter. I want no restrictions on what I can create. That is why I joined this program, I want the world of music in the palm of my hands. And once I do, I'm not looking back.

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