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            Jordan Robertson was born and raised in Baton Rouge, La. gifted with the ability to play the piano by ear at age 4,  to play thematic soundtracks from movies like boyz in da hood, home alone ect... later on at age 12 he started taking piano lessons at Joyful Sounds Music Academy under the direction of Carolyn Shield.

Studying gospel and jazz music for 8+ years and in between that time he honed his skills and started composing his own music, even performing in many piano recitals at Southern University. At age 14 he enrolled in the Louisiana School Of Music studying Classical and Pop Piano pieces performing in many piano recitals and duets having many teachers from all over the globe expanded his appreciation multiple genres an composing.

Jordan's approach to composing is totally improvisational spare of the moment, composing what he hears an feels inside. blessed with ability to compose from simple getting to know a person an having the ability to feel the genres of music they are in tune with. 

In High School Jordan joined the Jazz Ensemble, learning ensemble playing skills as well as jazz composition skills. An during that time he released his first thematic album titled FIYA IN THE SKY 2005 at age 18 which is on ITunes. 

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Jordan Robertson

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