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Lesson 4 Connectivity Posted on 2014-08-18 by Jordan Robertson

In this chapter I learned the about the importants of signal flow, and patch bays and their importantance in the recording & tracking process. Routing signal here to there with ease everything is neatly organized. I also learned the difference of different cables like unbalance cable TS (Tip/Sleeve) would introduce noise in your signal chain (60/80 Hz hum) because it's not shielded. Where as a balance cable TRS (Tip/Ring/Sleeve) are sheilded providing a clear signal. This chapter was fun learning about the fundamentals.

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Jordan Robertson

Lesson 5 MicrophonesPosted by Jordan Robertson on 2014-10-15

I learned alot about the history of micrphones and the specifcations of different microphones, like a flat response microphone is a good choice for vocals,acoustic instruments, and strings because it doesn't color or alter the natural sound of a vocal or instrument... Read More >>