Katie GlynnBirmingham Recording Connection

Major: Recording and Audio Engineer / Producer

Hey everyone! My name is Katie Glynn, and yes I would love to get to know you. Music is not just  words and good guitar players, it is so much more then that. Music is a way of life, its a passion, a realease, a way to excape the sometimes cruel realtiy of this world. You know now a days everyone wants to become famous, because they see these lavish lifestyles, nice cars big houses, private jets, so they buy protools sonar ect to produce there own songs and try to get them out there. Now im not saying anything neative about that, but it seems like music now is beginning to loose its genuine touch. Artist are beginning to sell songs like you would sell suckers, its not natural, and they are being pushed to a breaking point because of the demand for new songs. My goal is to learn this business inside and out and find true talent. I want to find the drive in people, the kind of drive that not any average joe has, the kind that comes from within, comes from a place so raw so true that it wont be mistaken. You see Music has changed my life is many ways. When i was young, and easily influenced by the media I wanted to be a Marine Bioligist and although its an amazing field, when it came time to go to college its not something i could have pictured myself doing for the rest of my life. So because all my friends were going off to school i felt so much pressure to find a majior, I have always been passionate about music but like any person with common sence i knew the industry was a dog eat dog world so I ruled it out. I started to go to a dark place I was so unsure of myself and what I wanted to do. Even though all along I was ment for this path at the time I did not have the confidence to follow it. After a year of doing nothing with my life but making pizza I decided I have had enough. I want to make a change in music and its not if its when I will do what I am passionate about and no one can stop me, I may get kicked down but i will fight and i will concure. This is what I love, and if I can inspire people to aim for the moon and always follow there dreams and do what makes them happy, well then my calling will be fufilled.