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The first chapter was quite intersecting. There was alot of stuff I already knew, but i did know how our ears worked. I thought that was deffently one of the more intersecting this i learned in this chapter! There is deffently alot of you who will start reading and be saying to your self " I already know all this stuff" but you need to read it anyway cause there are little things and peices of info that I didn't know in the first chapter. Like how rar fractio worked. I Knew about it, But not enought to take a test on it! Well I hope every likes this one. Cause I know I am excited about starting my life and Career with this school.


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chapter 5Posted by Marisanne on 2014-05-24

SO this one was a fun chapter! I loved the history on everything. Understanding where the mics comes from, how each different one works, how the react wuth each other, and which ones are go for different sets will help you understand how and what you client will need in every session... Read More >>