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Lesson One Posted on 2015-10-28 by Austin Long

Being in the studio for the first time was awesome! Great to get started on my music education here in Nashville. First lesson was what I assumed it'd be, more of intro-level, basic, scientific concepts about sound, hearing, waveforms, etc. My mentor, Ric Web, says that these first several lessons will be like that, but once we get to later chapters, things start to get more fun. Honestly, I'm just excited to be here and have the opportunity to learn from an experienced producer like Ric. He seems like a genuine guy who loves what he does, and I hope to surprise him with my quick learning skills and ambition to get better and be an exceptional producer/artist!

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Austin Long

Lesson TwoPosted by Austin Long on 2015-11-12

Forgot to post a blog entry after our last session, whoops. This second studio session wasn't a whole lot different than the first, as we're still in the beginning chapters of intro-level, basic concepts of sound, hearing, electronics, etc... Read More >>