Fredy VelasquezCharlotte Recording Connection

Major: Audio Engineering / Music Production

I started producing almost a year ago, i've always had a strong passion for music til i finally decided to take it to the next level. what inspired me the most to make musc was not only my love for it but the motivation some of my favorite artist gave me and to me that was really important. i'm beyond excited to see where life takes me with this skill of engineering and production i will be able to master with this strong determination i have. my goal is to inspire others the same way some artist did to me. doing what makes me happy is another one of my main motivations and working with any type of audio or music would complete me. i enjoy all types of music but my favorite genre is trap & electronic music. ill have my soundcloud link if you guys want to check out on some of the stuff i worked on myself and with some of my friends from social media. 

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