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EQ'ing and Project Progress - Recording Connection Week 13 Progress Posted on 2016-03-02 by Matt Harvey

This week's material was on the process of Equalization, or EQ'ing. EQ'ing is used to increase or decrease the frequency response of a sound in it's frequency range. The material went over the history of EQ, different components inside an analog Equalizer (device that Equalizes sounds), and different types of sound filters. My 5 years of production experience has already given me a great amount of experience with EQ'ing sounds. I use EQ nearly all of my sounds that I work with or make. The material adds even more to my knowledge on this subject! After another A quiz grade it was time to go back to see Boo at Knothole Recording Studio!

For this week in the studio, Boo and I recorded some more tracks for my rework project. We first added some real drums using Boo's Steven Slade drum plugin, using the kit that Boo uses on his tracks! We then added a real bass guitar track. At this point I have everything that I need to complete this project! I'm wanting to  finish this project using Pro Tools, but the way it's coming along, I'll probably finish it up with FL Studio. I don't know enough about Pro Tools (just yet) to get the project sounding exactly how I want it. As soon as it's finished, I'll be posting it online!

-Matt Harvey 

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