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Hello , my name is Charlie Garnica but i go by \"Charles\". Ive been engineering my own music since i was 13, started with a headset mic from walmart and a free 2 track recording software and worked my way up to a Aston Microphones Origin condenser mic running into a Presonus channel strip into a Digidesign 003 rack interface , I was using pro tools 10 before i enrolled in Recording connection and received the pro tools 12 upgrade. I had learned everything i knew about mixing from video tutorials and engineer forums,blogs,etc. until my friend who is the owner and engineer at Cinnamon sound studio where i recorded at told me about RRFC and said he would be willing to mentor me if i ever wanted to pursue engineering professionly, and so i took him up on that offer. It was one of the best decisions ive made in my life this far, my friends who ive been recording for years have been amazed at the improvement they hear in my mixes. I usually record rap and other vocals because thats all im surrounded by but i cant wait to get into more intrumental recording. 

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