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sound & hearing Posted on 2018-08-26 by Charlie Garnica

This first chapter was really refreshing as it isnt my first time getting into the engineering field of music or Sound and Hearing itself. Before enrolling in RRFC i would study sound and how to engineer my own music online, i would gather information from video tutorials by Dave Pensado and other well known engineers on youtube. I would also search on blogs and forums and it led me to have a fairly good understanding on how sound and recording works. But i did learn many new details i did not know before such as what decibel levels the everyday objects in your life are at, and which ones can harm your ears if you listen or are exposed to them for too long, like the sound of an ambulance or fireworks or even being at a concert for too long which is what causes that ringing sensation in your ears afterwards. All in all this chapter was just a reminder of how important your ears are and how to keep them very safe, especially if you want to be an engineer.  

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