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Major: afro-urban producer and Audio Engineering


Akreem prod is French / Moroccan hip hop producer .

when i was young i was always interested about the sound and tecnologie of the sound hows works .but no  body have real answers . from that time i was keep teach my self from webs , chat , books ... but thats wasn't enough to get real knowledge , special when i come from, theres no schools and no studios ;-((( shame .

i start with the first rap group from my town but was to early for us , it took some years for Moroccan rappers to find a comfortable balance between traditional Moroccan music and Western rap, and it took time for them to find the right linguistic style, which ended up being a combination of Classical Arabic , tamazight(berber), (darija), French, and English, but the result of experimentation and growth was a musical genre that could truly be identified not as simply "rap," but specifically "Moroccan rap." After its explosion in Morocco's music scene, Moroccan rap underwent the same critiques as Western rap had been subjected to: it was too decadent, it was uncouth, it was the music of thugs and of rough streets. It was slowly accepted, however, by the general public and the media. The democratization of Morocco, beginning in the late 1990s, especially helped to expand acceptance of the new musical genre.

en 2010 i open the first studio in my town for the young mc's for free, because i dont want them feel the same i was feel .

From Morocco to France to big Miller Street Studios with amazing prof. Joseph Gallagher aka “Dante D’Vino” is an experienced audio engineer, music producer, and professor that he takes pride in running Miller Street Studios with the utmost level of professionalism.  His work ethic and talent impressed Dan Nagal, Owner of Miller Street, and earned him the opportunity to run the studio from the ground up.  This was the break of a lifetime considering the long road of hardships he endured.  Since then, he has linked up and worked with the likes of Lecrae, Wu-Tang Clan, Twista, Tedashii, Trip Lee, Liffy Stokes, Skooda Chose, Gemstones, Willie Taylor,  DaWreck, “meLLo” Mike Petro, Kareem Manuel, Chet Haze, PATMAN, Khaled M, Pugs Atomz, MER, Rotimi, and many more. 

Akreem prod  proud to be a  RRF student .


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