Rosemary Clooney. Mel Carter. Adrien Belew. Over the Rhine. Nick Lachey. What does this diverse group of artists have in common? All of them have their roots in the rich musical legacy of Cincinnati, OH.

Among other things, Cincinnati served as the original home of the historic King Records, the label home to a diverse roster of artists ranging from hillbilly acts like Grandpa Jones and Minnie Pearl to the 'Godfather of Soul' himself, James Brown. Cincinnati continues its legacy today with a broad and diverse music scene, with local and touring acts performing in venues large and small, and recording in a number of world-class recording studios in the area.

The top-shelf professional audio engineers and music producers featured here were all trained in Cincinnati recording studios as students of the Recording Connection Audio Institute. Each of them was personally mentored by a seasoned music producer or audio engineer, and each is highly qualified to handle any of your professional audio needs. Please consult their individual websites for more information about the services they offer, or to learn more about the advantages of attending the Recording Connection. Want to know more about the Recording Connection Audio Institute? Please click here.

Latest Blog Entries from Cincinnati Recording Connection Students

Amber Warren

Week 1Posted by Amber Warren on 2017-09-20

My first week has gone really well. I went to the interview and sat in on a session with an artist named Impact. It was really awesome because he had me say something on his track... Read More >>