Holly QuarfordCincinnati Recording Connection

   At a young age we are all asked ' What do you want to be when you grow up? ' My answer was ' Teacher' . And from then on I focused all of my energy on making that dream a reality. My senior year; while I was getting my grades in order, Applying to colleges, And writing my college essays; I took an Audio Engineering course on the advice of my Chorus teacher. It was an amazing experience. as we Learned how to set up the microphones and Lighting for the school play, to recording  and editing our own songs on the computer; that by the time the course ended I didn't know what I wanted to be anymore. So instead of going to college and paying for a degree I wasn't sure about. I put it aside and got a Job. And now after 3 years, And through the encouragement of friends I signed up for the  Recording Connection Radio School ( This School!) and This is honestly the best decision I've ever made. 

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