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Posted on 2016-05-24 by Holly Quarford

Finally after 6 weeks of school i finally found something to write about. Funny, i know. but I just felt wierd writing how my day went. which could honestly be summed up in 1 word 'awesome'.

These past few weeks at the studio and working with singers  have taught me some valuable tips and have been awesome in general. My mentors Spencer and Brandon are awesome and have given me great advice on equipment and studio life in general. i always look forward to going to the studio and seeing what 's going on or who's going to be performing that day. it's always an awesome experience, seeing all the different genre's people perform and just how much time and care goes into recording 1 song. It's been an awesome experience for me so far and am looking to many more in the coming weeks. hopefully i can find some more to write about.




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