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Chapter 8 Posted on 2017-12-22 by Brittany Howett

Well... this chapter wasn't so bad. It did make me over think on some of the quiz questions tho. i feel dumb for missing them. most of this stuff is pretty much common sense. If touve been working with computers for a while, you know what all the commands and keys mean and or do. I feel like this session helped in very little spots. Like the folder section, but even most of those were self explainitory. on the bright side one more chapter down and I got a 100% on the test :)

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Chapter 6Posted by Brittany Howett on 2017-12-13

Most of this chapter was pretty well to understand and something that i personaly felt was common sense. It really didn't need to explain how most the insterments work, and where the sound comes from... Read More >>