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The First Few ClassesPosted by Juma Spears on 2012-12-12

The first few classes I was pretty nervous because I didn't know what I was getting into really and I was very far in-over my head because you start out with some of the most technical stuff and you get deep in math and frequencies and stuff and I thought maybe I made a mistake, but after about a month, once we started getting into the studio and recording and our mentor Jeff, I say we because I actually paired up with another student do my lessons which is what I wanted, and he was just very open and honest and a nice guy and he would just let us sit in on sessions and once that wall kind of broke down and that "awe" factor, you know sometimes you walk into a big studio for the first time and it's like all look at all the gadgets and the buttons and all of that so it was good... Read More >>