Luis Estrada IVDallas Recording Connection

Major: Electronic Dance Muisc

With early memories of hearing the radio in the car and watching people I knew play music, I had already found myself subconciously drawn to music. I began playing guitar through an after school program that my elementary school had. In about 2014, my uncle had gifted me with a macbook he got when he was in high school that had Logic Express 8 installed on it. I never spent less time on the guitar when my uncle helped my learn how to use the software. I didn't really spend time listening to music on my own because my family was always showing me what was good. Even though I was not all excited about some of the music, I grew to like them through constant exposure. I wanted to upscale the knowledge and platform on which I produce music so I came across a youtube video about the Recording Connection school. I know I do not need to go through a school to pursue in music production but in my eyes, it will give me an edge that some won't have.

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