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Before The Venture Posted on 2016-01-28 by Nathan Jones

I have completed reading the inductionary portions of my Active Textbook and I'm ready to begin my journey into the world of professional audio engineering. At first I figured I'd give RRFC a go because it appealed to me as an economically sound alternative to a university for getting some valuable knowedge under my belt. I quickly realized however that this course has the potential to be something far more significant to my future (I cannot say for certain at this point as I had just begun). To give you an idea of where I currently stand before diving into a single chapter: I have been recording, mixing and mastering tracks for myself and friends for the better part of 4 years now and I've been a music buff for far longer than that. I have my own formula and methodology for bringing ideas into this world as works of art as I imagine any self-taught individual probably would and I'm eager to finally work with industrial-grade equipment in a professional environment.

I plan on becoming a full-time audio engineer within the next 2 years following my admittance into RRFC. I also plan to kick off my career as an artist in the Hip-Hop industry as a side project. I am fortunate to have stumbled upon RRFC as a doorway into my dream career by running through my Facebook feed oddly enough one day. I am a fairly logical person so I presume it to be lucky chance though even I am inclined to believe that higher powers are at work here. I plan on keeping a rather detailed account of my experiences throughout this course from the eBook, to the studio and beyond, as a testament to the quality of education that this course has provided me as well as maybe a few good tips and tricks others may find handy with their craft.

I look forward to everything RRFC has to throw at me and I'm determinded to break into the industry at whatever the cost. I would also like to thank the staff of RRFC in advance for working with me patiently to make this opportunity a reality, I really owe you guys!

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