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June 12th Evening 'Drum Editing' Observation with Mike Bader -ERA Posted on 2018-06-17 by Sean \\\'Glass\\\' Kancewick

Mike Bader allowed a few of us to sit in with him doing some drum track editing on a song he was mixing. This started with him organizing the tracks and grouping them accordingly. After this, we went to listening to the song and going through the playlists to find the best and most desired takes and substituting them in place of takes that were say, less desirable or possibly a bit off beat. After getting our arrangement right, we were on to Beat Detective. From this point, he showed us how to go section for section, use the analyzer in the Beat Detective Tool, split the clips, quantize and then go back and adjust and smooth things out. We continued this process for each 8 bars or so, until it became smooth. This was more like a lesson and definitely enjoyed the step-by-step. Good stuff.  

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