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Chapter 5 - Microphones Posted on 2015-02-09 by Nick Serra

Got to check out all the microphones that Perfection Studio has this week with Eduardo! It was so interesting to learn about all of the different microphones they have. I feel really confident in my knowledge of their mics and how to use each one for specific situations now. It was a very interesting and informative week and it answered a lot of questions I had. Can't wait for more!

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Chapter 6 - Microphone PlacementPosted by Nick Serra on 2015-02-09

This week I got to work on a session setting up for a 7 piece jazz ensemble from Berklee College Of Music. We set the horn section up in the live room with 2 cascade ribbon mics for trombone and tumpet, a sterling ocean way 6050 for sax, and a neumann U87 for flute... Read More >>