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Major: Audio Engineer

Hi there, my name's Tim or Timbo to some. Music flows through my veins every minute of every conscious hour. Constant beats rushing my head brought me to the realization that music has got to be my biggest passion. Once I came to that realization It was time to start making moves towards turning my passion into my career. I'm confident that this program will get me pointed in the right direction. Currently my occupation is a sales associate for an industrial supply company called TISCO Energy Equipment. But when im not bustin my but at work, I'm usaully taking advantage of my beautiful native state, Colorado. I like to get out and experience as much as possible, taking in everything to better my self in life and learning from the mistakes as well. I look forward to the great experiences that I am going to gain though out this process. And I'm glad to finally be here.  

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Tim Ostrom

Chapter tenPosted by Tim Ostrom on 2013-12-23

Really getting into the fun stuff now. Been through some stress days trying to get installed running properly with my software but i made it out alive... Read More >>