Jonathan ShukaDes Moines Recording Connection

Major: Recording

Hi, Im Jonathan Shuka, 19 from Ames, Iowa. Im a drummer, and I love music more than anything!!! Its what keeps me going! Im looking into the field of audio recording and production with the hopes of working in a studio someday. Right now, i dont know a whole lot about the field except for what ive been able to learn with my condensor mics and garage band which I record drum tracks on currently, and from what i learned at "The Art Institutes summer studio" where i got to have a week one on one in their new studio, but ive been blessed to be paired up with Matt Sepanic of Sonic Factory in Des Moines to be my mentor throughout this program. From what ive heard from other people and from Matt himself, he as a mentor is going to be able to teach me the things I need to know to be succesful, because of his success and experience! I love being around music and i love editing, and I for sure want to make it something I GET to do the rest of my life. 

Time to back up though. I know how it works in this industry. I know that i wont be able to jump right into a studio and be on the boards right out of the gates, I know that thats down the road for me. As a young person, I know that ill be the one rolling the cords, washing the glass, taking out the trash, getting the coffee, and so on. But thats completely ok with me and ive been prepared for it. I know that with my work ethic and drive, that ill be able to do that no problem, as long as i get to keep learning stuff along the way! Im prepared to climb the ladder from the BOTTOM! As long as my employer isnt taking advantage of me and is teaching me the skills I need to know to become succesful, Ill do the dirty work as long as it takes!

Music is something that excites me, and I cant wait to start my career through the Recording Connection! With the program, I hope to learn the necesary tools i need, and create the connections that will get me into the real world of recording. Im confident in my ablity to learn, and hopefully success is headded my way.

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