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Almost Pro-Tools Time. Posted on 2013-05-09 by Alexandra Haskell

We finished up Lesson Seven last week, so you know what that means- it's almost time for Pro-Tools. 

Paul and I have been working with a rapper that has a standing lesson on Friday. It's been an interesting process and a big lesson in patience. Every artist, doing any sort of recording, wants to get the best result. Unfortunatly, they can tend to get very wrapped up in everything. They can't let the song just go into the capable hands of the producers. Watching Paul and listening to the opinions of the other (Grammy winning) producers in the studio is really helping me find my own style. You have to find that perfect mix of giving the artist what they want and still being able to move the recording process on so you don't waste time or resorces. 

I've been very fortunate in that every week, I not only learn from the text and lessons, but also from the inoming artists and producers I am working with.


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