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Major: Audio Engineering

My name is Graylyn "Gino" Claiborne Jr. I'm studying Audio Engineering at the Recording Connection Audio Institute. The studio I study at is Metro 37 owned by my mentor Kevin Sharpe. As my final years in highschool approached, I was torn between following the path of my football career or following my absolute passion which was my love for creating and composing music. When my season didnt quite go as planned, I immediately knew that it was a sign that I should pursue my musical dream and study audio engineering. In highschool I loved to rap and write poetry, so I often recorded songs and posted them to youtube and twutter, but as I got older I realized that I wanted my music to be looked at as more than a typical "youtube rapper's material" so I stopped putting out vocal material still until this day, that's until I can offically record my first big project professionally. On the production side, I continued to post videos on youtube, soundcloud, and twitter to bild some buzz and i'm still doing so! My goal is to make great music when it's all said and done, and to be able to know how to engineer as well?! I see a bright future ahead! 

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Chapter 20 - The FinalPosted by Graylyn on 2014-08-27

Well here I am. I've completed chapter 20 and my final as well. Aftertalking with my mentor, he's informed me that he and the rest of his staff had a meeting this past week and they have decided to add me as an on staff engineer at Metro 37 Studio! This is the greatest news I have received in a while! I obviously still have a lot to learn, but I am very excited and blessed in the same insatnce... Read More >>


Chapter 19Posted by Graylyn on 2014-07-15

Well here we are! Almost approaching the close of the first segment of my program and I must say i'm very excited! This past week I ran my own session from beginning to end and I loved every moment of it... Read More >>