Jessica PettigrewDetroit Recording Connection


Hello! My name is Jessica Pettigrew but I go by the name Royale Syncere or simply Syncere. I have been in love with music since birth really. My elementary and middle introduced me into music and ever since then I fell in love with music. My biggest inspirations are Michael Jackson, The Jackson 5, TLC, Aaliyah, Timberland, Missy Elliot, Babyface and many others. I try to follow their humbleness and what they bring to the table far as being artists and making the music themselves. Music has been my lfe and will forever be my life. Music along with God and my mother will forever be my first loves. I live for REAL good music. Music that tell a story alongside the lyrics. It has to be something real, not materialistic. Music has to tell a good story and be real for me. Artists like Fantasia and K. Michelle tell their story no matter who tells them that their albums will never sell. I am determind to be the best me possible and with #FCHW (Faith, Consistentcy and HardWork) I will be just fine.