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New Year, New Stuff (to learn) Posted on 2015-03-31 by Alan Holmes

Cheesy as my titles may be (yes, I am aware) I sincerely hope that 2015 is going to go a bit smoother than the first few months in the program. The seemingly neverending parade of technological errors is saddening to say the least. Not surprising, but saddening. And this has not only been very frustrating but it's slowed things down on numerous occassions, which is part of the reaon why I wasn't able to write the midterm until after the holidays. I certainly would have appreciated writing them beforehand so that I could have returned in the new year on a fresh slate. But that could just be one of those compulsive human traits coming out. The good news is that the midterm went extremely well. I was quite happy with myself! I can't help but get nervous and a little panicky coming up to tests. There's certainly a lot of information to retain. But like I said, pretty stoked with the outcome. Writing the test felt more relaxed than expected. I lucked out with a great mentor so that certainly helps. And as we've been now moving ahead into mix theory (which seems pretty straightforward but really interesting) I've got a good feeling about the last few months in the program ahead. Fingers crossed. 

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