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Major: Sound Engineering

My name is Mario Ramirez, I was born and raised in El Paso, TX.  Ever since I was young I started to develop this love for music that no one else in my family had encountered before.  I enjoyed and looked up to many musicias that I would get the opportunity to see perform and meet.  As the years passed and I got older I decided I wanted to be that performer and that person playing their heart out on stage in front of people.  With much practice and patience I soon started to get myself involved in the spanish rock scene in El Paso, TX and have gotten great opportunities in regards of performing. Being the underdog in this environment has always lead me to push harder in regards of my music this has always been the case due to the fact that I started to get involved performing when I was a very young teen.  After 3 semesters in my community college I didn't seem to be getting very far in regards of finding what fit me best so I decided I should look for something else that I would enjoy and would love to make a job for the rest of my life.  Sound Engineering had always catched my attention and now that I have involved more and more into this I have finally found my purpose and passion in life.  I hope to learn as much as I can and make the best out of what I will learn in this process and what I have yet to learn. 


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Mario Ramirez

chapter 18Posted by Mario Ramirez on 2015-12-21

During this week we got to meet a very talented and popular band from Mexico City.  We are recording them at sonic ranch studios with a producer that the band brought along... Read More >>