Benjamin CardenasHampton Recording Connection

Major: Audio Engineering

Its always tough figuring out how to take the first step. Whether its about how to start a conversation or how to start a music piece. Im very hopefull that this is the first step to a lifelong career. Music is what I base my life around. I consider myself a musician whos been playing guitar for 10+ years now. I absolutley love the guitar and havent gone more than a day without playing it. It\'s becoming to the point to where its weird if I dont have one in my lap. As far as genres i like to play/Interested in, I really enjoy all genres in some shape or form but my favorite is classic rock. I really enjoy meeting new people as well, especially fellow music lovers. If you ever want or feel the need to contact me please dont hesitate to do so! 

My real name is Benjamin, but most poeple call me Benny. 

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