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Major: Audio Engineer

Kevin Wong is an Asian American music producer who produces all types of genres, including acoustic/pop and electronic dance music/dubstep. He recently started recording songs with friends and was influenced by many artists out there mostly K-pop. Ever since music was introduced into his life during his college years, he has a burning passion towards music production/recording. He is also a music producer/ recording audio engineer who would love to work with other people.

He is currently working with a few other aspiring singers and their albums will be coming soon!

Kevin Wong's EP Album-Expression is out NOW on itunes!


Check out his latest Music Video “Because Of You”(feat Narae Lee) on Youtube!



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Kevin Wong

Mastering Session!Posted by Kevin Wong on 2014-09-24

Today's Mastering Session was amazingly incredible!  I was sitting in this Mastering ]Session with my mentor and he was mastering Keaira LaShae New EP! I can't beleive I had the opportuntiy to learn how mastering is legitlly done... Read More >>