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Half way in the Studio Posted on 2014-09-22 by Kevin Wong

So from what I learned so far from the studio has been amazing.  My mentor has taught me many things from using different types of plugins to use on different types of instruments.  I have learned to track vocals and guitar, drums.  There was a session that I was sitting in that we had to make the instrumentals of a song.  After that we put a Sony C800 tube condenser microphone to mic up a female vocalist that was on the track.  I was impressed with her voice of course, but how John was working with her was amazing.  He told me to always keep good relations with your clients so they would come back for more recording!   Having a positive attitude and mindset in a recording session is crucial and to work with other people is important.  Not only your using your brain but you are also expanding your ideas and bouncing off ideas from other people.  I have learned how to patch cables at the studio and also learned what outboard gears to use at the studio.   My mentor has also explained to me on what euipments to get for my home studio!  Just being around in the studio is fun and working with different types of people has been always a dream of mine.  I would love to work in other studios in the near future!

-Kevin Wong

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Kevin Wong

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