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Chapter 15 Posted on 2017-09-06 by Hunter Wright

DELAY when applied to an audio signal stores the audio sigal and plays back at a given time interval!

Feedback is achieved by feeding the delayed signal back into the input of the delay device.

PHASING= is the type of effect we hear with a short delay of 0 to 1 msec.

Chorusing - Doubling

Flanging occurs when the feedback is turned up, and the delay time set below = 30ms

Density in the context of reverb is equal to Intensity of Reverb

Decay = the amount of time it takes for the reverberated signal to fall back down

Pre-delay = in context of reverb = amount of silence before the reverb kicks in.

What type of reverb is created within a small metal coil? Spring

Time Based Effects can add DEPTH AND A SENSE OF SPACE.

Early Reverb was created by sending sound into an ECHO CHAMBER andd thenrecording that signal and returning it on a seperate channel in the mix.

A traditional PHASER EFFECT is achieverd by using a series of notch filters that sweep the frequency spectrum.

Reverb is really a series of delays

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