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Chapter 13 Posted on 2017-09-06 by Hunter Wright

Resistor= works to hinder the flow of electricity.

An EQ is usually a combo of filter circuits!

After more than 100 years of study, the discharge of a CAPACITOR was found to be oscillatory.

William Thompson= Physicist who solved early cable issues in long distance transmissions.

LOW PASS FILTER= allows freqs below a user defined center frequency to pass unaffected.

3 MAIN parameters of EQ = bandwidth, frequency, and amplitude!

INDUCTOR= stores energy in an electromagnetic field.

Langevin EQ 215A= forrunner to the modern graphic eq.

Early EQ was developed to assist in long distance transmission.

PROGRAM EQ = allows the user to select from a group of predefined center freqs and adjust amplitude levels according to a predefined bandwidth amount.

Graphic Eq = has predefined center freqs and a predetermined bandwidth amount. User has contro over boost and cut!

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