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Chapter 16 midi Posted on 2017-09-20 by Hunter Wright

  1. What is MIDI an acronym for?  
    Your Answer: Musical Instrument Digital Interface
  2. A working version of the MIDI protocol was presented by __________________ at the 1981 AES Convention.  
    Your Answer: Dave Smith and Chet Wood
  3. Velocity refers to:  
    Your Answer: The force by which a given note is struck
  4. A method of control for electronic Instruments which predates MIDI?  
    Your Answer: control voltage
  5. A typical MIDI Signal Contains  
    Your Answer: Note Start/Stop, Note Number, Velocity
  6. Polyphony refers to:  
    Your Answer: The ability to play more than one note at a time
  7. What type of MIDI track do we create to start recording immediately with a SOFTWARE synthesizer (virtual instrument)?  
    Your Answer: Instrument Track
  8. Moving MIDI notes vertically in the MIDI Editor alters what?  
    Your Answer: notes values and/or pitches
  9. What options do we have for reducing the 'robotic' feel of quantized MIDI recordings?  
    Your Answer: Quantize Amount, Velocity, Swing
  10. In XPand, what does a patch consist of?  
    Your Answer: All of the Above
  11. In Structure Free, what is an easy way to create a patch from any existing audio?  
    Your Answer: dragging audio from the Finder window
  12. True or False: MIDI clips contain audio  
    Your Answer: False
  13. What are the three built in software instruments included with Pro Tools?  
    Your Answer: Structure, XPand, Boom
  14. What synth parameters might we adjust over time, to make our MIDI recordings more interesting?  
    Your Answer: all of the above
  15. Which two synthesizers were involved at the first public MIDI connection at the 1983 Winter NAMM Show?  
    Your Answer: Sequential Circuits Prophet-600 and Roland Jupiter-6

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