Mccaffrey BarrJacksonville Recording Connection


Ive been around music my entire life . My parents are hippies so i grew up listening to all kinds of music Including: Steve Miller Band, Carlos Santana, The Beatles, Jhonny Cash, Jimmy Buffet, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, The Eagles, Jimi Hendrix, and AC DC. As a kid i was always on the internet and the computer. ( I have pictures of me as a 4 year old playing "Tomb Raider" ) 

Through the internet and my friends older brothers , who gave us cds they burned, i found out about more and more music. When Eminems "Curtain Call" came out i was estatic, my mom told me i couldn't get it because it was "Explicit". After begging  and nagging her she lets me get the clean version.. -_- I listened to that CD everyday , but eventually someone stole the cd and my cd player.

I got an ipod nano when the came out and loaded it up with all this music, at this time i had my own Dell desktop with itunes and my moms credit card saved on the store. Needless to say i had plenty of music. at this time my parents forced me to learn some piano, i took about 20 lessons and told my parents i hated it. Then they decided i should be part of our churches choir , i learned all about singing , using your diaphram, accenting consonants, and projecting your voice.... I hated it all. 

To wrap this up i went on to take drum lessons one summer, but my mom said i could never get a drum kit. Then i started playing guitar, this is my instrument of choice, and i have been playing for 6 years now. I also ended up in chorus, and eventually i became curious as too hows songs get made. After googling around i download Fruity Loops and start too mess around. I get addicted to making these beats and soon i invest in an APC40, before i knew it i had a MPK49, Numark NS7 turntables, and KRK VXT 6's. And now i have been producing my own beats for almost a year now, and im lovin every minute of it!