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Major: Audio engineering

Im a young 18 year old coming straight out of Sac, but just mover out here to Las vegas. I make all types of beats and am trying to bring a new sound to the music industry. Follow me on soundcloud @ J-Himmy Productions and check out my IG @J_Himmy_productions33.

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Week 12 in the studio!! / (Chapter 12: Mix Theory)Posted by J-Himmy Productions on 2017-01-02

Chapter 12 is very interesting because there is so much to learn about mixing and mastering. For the mixing project I chose the elecronica beat and I actually went to mix it more than once because after the first time I was not satisfied with the way it sounded so the next day i went to try and make it better by playing around with all the different sounds and trying to really figure out where the right placements for eveything... Read More >>