Ricardo ThenorLas Vegas Recording Connection

Major: Electronic Music/Audio Engineering

For as long as i could remember i always wanted to learn how to make music.I started out in junior high school beating on lunch room tables while all my friends would rap to my tunes. From then on i realize that if i knew someone that really made music for a living maybe they could teach me. One day my cousin calls me up and says "hey theres a program that you can use to make beats on one of my friends have it but he sucks at it." i asked him whats the name of the program he says its called Fruity Loops i told hey send me the program right now and i bet you i can make a classic in a day he said no way i dont believe you this program is way too hard for you he sent it to me and i struggled for weeks lol. Music is not an easy thing but when you gradually become better at it its so rewarding so i'm a here to take this step to gradually get better at making music and learning how to work the equipment in the studio.