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        My name is Anthony Sellers and I'm positive I have something to offer. I grew up 15 miles south of Carson City, NV in the small town of Gardnerville. I've grown up listening to Classic Rock and anything that has a killer bass line. While in elementary school I picked up the bass and started learning as much as I could from there. Within 4 months I had 2 electric guitars, a Jr. Epiphone Les Paul and a small beat up red guitar that I got from the only local music shop. Then, by the end of the year I was in possession of 2 mics and a full drum set. I was so ready to rock.

        As I grew I definitely tried starting the garage band that would someday go big, but I have tried again and again to no avail. So, straight out of High School I looked to go behind the scenes in a sense, I wanted to know how it all came together. I picked up a Tascam DP-006 and started writing and recording as much as I could with a free software, Audacity. I was accepted into a Recording Arts trade school in Arizona, known as CRAS (Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences). After the planning had been finished, the finances just werent there and I had to stay here in Nevada. 

        After the huge let down, I picked up and moved to Reno to continue to pursue my dream. After finding the Recording Connection, I jumped at the chance to get on board. Now I'm learning everything that I can in hopes that I can impress someone with the potential to dominate the radio. I grew up rock 'n' roll but I've broadened my horizons and I only wish to work with everyone that I can, to learn the most that I can.

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