Jordin StranskyLas Vegas Recording Connection

Major: Audio Engineering

I've been a musician for 13 years, I play piano and sing.  I went to Las Vegas Academy for four years and was a piano major.  Ive done some accompaniments for violinists and singers both in school and out of school, background music for conference dinners at Four Seasons and a couple holiday parties. I help at a middle school for kids doing solo and ensemble pieces, so I play with a range of instruments.  

 I'm currently working on being a certified audio engineer and am apprenticing at No Interference Recording Studio.  I am training with the audio crew of Rock of Ages, running audio for Dancing Just Like the Stars at Bally's (as well as performing in it), and am  getting familiar with various sound boards.

I have started composing my own music, with both piano and guitar.  If I somehow end up going down that road of being a performer I plan on knowing exactly what goes into it backstage.  It's the main reason I got into audio engineering. Why be in music at all if you don't know at least the basics of everything that goes into it?

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