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My name is Drew Llewellyn, and I am a mixing and tracking engineer from San Jose, California.

I have spent the last 10 years of my life trying to learn all I can about the music industry and the art of recording.

I started recording my crappy middle school punk band in my garage when I was 13. All I had was a video camera that gave me the option to record only audio.

I would place it in the back of my garage and hit record, and that was that.

Ever since then I have been trying to buy new equipment to record with and always trying to step it up. I have been recording little musical endeavors of mine ever since. Slowly with better equipment and then started using DAWs when I was in highschool.  I was all self taught until my sophmore year of college when I decided to stop caring about making money and start caring about my passion. I switched my major from web design, to recording and music production.

I am currently playing in a technical death metal band called Lechuza. Our guitarist Sven, bassist Paul, and I have reocrded the songs all our selves.

I am in the process of still building my studio and soon hopefully I will live somewhere where I can open it.



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Drew Llewellyn

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