John BonannoLos Angeles Recording Connection

Major: Engineering/Production

From a small beach town in FL called Sarasota. Played piano since age 6, voice since 8, guitar since 12, and I play pretty much everything else without the bells and whistles. Ive been producing with Ableton for over 10 years now. Im very influenced by lables like OWSLA and artists like Vindata and Nathaniel Rateliffe. Dont have a favorite song but my favorite band is Creedance Clearwater Revival. I also really dig Tool and Rage Against the Machine and Queen. I have been to University of North Florida for jazz performance, but couldnt finish to to finances. I am classically trained since youth. I have performed over 4 masses, including Bruckner, Beethoven, and Hayden. I have won first place at the Berklee Highschool Jazz Festival for Combo and Vocal categories, subsequently I was payed to go to their summer program. I have been songwriting since age 10 as well as composing classical pieces. I have played and gigged for several different bands, genres ranging from hip/hop rock to reggae. I lost my mother about 2 years ago to cancer, and I told her I would make her proud. Ive lived in Alabama and almost died in a house fire in Washington state before I made it to LA. I work at one the most popular Ramen spots in LA, Tatsu, as a server. I am learning spanish and I love to cook at home. I live in downtown LA with my best friend who graduated Ringling College for film and motion design. My attitude about life is that you should never judge a book by its cover, and if you ever get a chance to listen to someone who needs it, listen.

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