Pedro RosadoLos Angeles Recording Connection

Major: Audio Engineer

Pedro Rosado (Jovani Rosado), Named after my father, but I was always called Jovani by family & friends. I was born in Meriden, CT. I lived there till I was about 11 and then moved with my mother to Deltona FL. I attened middle school and high school there. While growing up I always had a passion for music and about becoming a DJ, my uncle is a musican/singer he was someone I always looked up too. When I was 16-17 I picked up some drum sticks and I than began to learn and started to Play for my church, I played at my church for about 3 years. After I graduated high school I wanted to attend Full Sail University but to my parents it was rational to go get a degree in audio engineering, as much I as I wanted to pursue it. So then I went on and went and did a year of college at Daytona State, I then realized I didnt want to go to college cause it wasnt for me and I was more going for my parents. I then decided to move back to CT with my father, so I began to work for him and it was a great experience. While doing so I decided to go buy a mixing controller and MacBook Pro, I had one of my good friends who Dj\'s teach me some fundementals. As I began to learn i\'ll go do house parties and other small private events to gain some experience and also get my name out. So then I started to get booked quite often and everything was going great. This is something I love and I am a huge believer in \"Dream Chashing\" so thats when I decided I was going to move to LA. you may ask why LA? the reason being I feel as everyone comes here to pursue something they wish or dream for, secondly the weather I hate cold weather. Lastly I have a cousin who lives here and believes in me as much as I believe in myself so what better motivation. So now I make it to LA and I want a education. I begin to look for schools and what makes the most sense for what I want to do with my Djing and for my passion to learn the audio engineering side of the business so I can produce my own songs for mixes i\'ll do, as well as to produce for other people. I\'m very eager to learn and very excited to be apart of this program.