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Major: Music production

 Tony Caporaso Age 18, I was born in Ventura County, California. I studied Music Theory and played Music for 5 years. I also gained experience in reading and writing music as well.  I took what I learned throughout school and I wanted to create Rap and Hip Hop music by using what I was tought. Ever Since I started working to create this music I have really develpoed a passion for it and I want to pursue it.  I love making music and I put 110% effort into doing it.  

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Tony (Casso) Caporaso

Week Two of MentorshipPosted by Tony (Casso) Caporaso on 2016-05-09

Getting into the studio was an experience that I am blessed and thankful for.  After starting this internship with Detail and his staff I am beginning to learn not only the basics of production but also the importance of how you make people feel and how to turn your creative talents into a form of business... Read More >>