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Week Three of Mentorship Posted on 2016-05-15 by Tony (Casso) Caporaso

I have been learning more and more each day about how it works around here.  I am very grateful to be here and this mentorship has reassured that it takes a lot of work to be here and I love the feeling of working hard it brings me satisfaction in what I do. But besides the hard work and daily tasks I learn to appreciate the music itself and what it takes to make it the right way and the way that people want to hear it. I was told that in this industry it is very essential that you not only produce tracks and not only work late nights and put in the work but also make sure to make clients and the people around you feel like you are worth their time.  I've been told that in the industry you do not make friends, you make connections and you take every word you hear for what it is and listen to those around you that have been in the business for some time.  It is important to not get creative with yourself do not second guess and assume you have the answer, there is a time and place for everything and sometimes you just have to sit and listen to what the world is telling you.  It is all very inspirational to me and it is something that I am learning to live by if I wish to thrive in this Industry. 

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Tony (Casso) Caporaso

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