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Chapter 1 Gavin Glidewell Posted on 2014-07-08 by Gavin Glidewell

Wow I can't believe how much new information I learned from just the first chapter. I never really knew much about the physics of sound and was happy to be more enlightened. I am amazed at how many componets go into just listening to music. I also had my first mentor session. I am apprenticing at Serenity West with Cameell Hanna and his passionate crew. The first day went by too fast it seems. I walked in and was greeted by Steve who was going to be my mentor for the day. He gave me a short tour of the studio with some small talk conversation and then we began going over the chapter. I was sitting directly in front of this giant sound board called the SSL 9000J which was a new experience for me considering I have never been to a recording studio in my life. When we went over the chapter I was having a proplem understanding the concept of phase and Steve was there to help. He was very patient and could tell if I was really getting it or needed another example. I felt very comfortable in the environment and continually asked questions. When we realized that time was up I was a little sad. I really want to spend more time there because just being in the environment I think I will learn a lot.     

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